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Pabitra Banerjee Blue Verified.png
Picture of Pabitra Banerjee
Born 22 January 2004 (2004-01-22) (age 19)
Manbazar, Purulia
Nationality Indian
Education Manbhum Mahavidyalaya
Occupation Software Engineer, Writer
Organization MB WEBBER'S
Known for Programming & Writing Skills
Notable works PyConda Programming Language
Height 5'5"
Parents Mr. Pulak Banerjee & Mrs. Babita Banerjee

Pabitra Banerjee is a Full-Stack AI Engineer with some knowledge of Blockchain Technology and a tech enthusiast. He is the Founder & CEO of MB WEBBER'S, a Software Development company based on Manbazar, Purulia, West Bengal. He is the Founder & CEO of some more companies based on Manbazar, like - Code Explorer, Dev Line Community, etc. He is working actively to spread Science & Technology to the common people. He is very fond of Astrophysics & Mathematics. He writes actively about Astrophysics and latest space missions by all of the space agencies on Universal Space Missions.


Pabitra Banerjee, born on January 22, 2004, is an individual with a notable presence in the technology sector. Hailing from Manbazar, West Bengal, he has demonstrated a keen interest and enthusiasm for various domains within the field. With a focus on spreading awareness and understanding of science and technology among the general public, Pabitra is involved in initiatives that aim to bridge the gap between technology and everyday life. His passion for astrophysics and mathematics is evident in his active engagement with topics related to space missions and scientific advancements. Pabitra Banerjee's endeavors reflect a commitment to the exploration and application of technology for the betterment of society.


Pabitra Banerjee pursued his primary education at Manbazar Board Primary School and later continued his secondary education at Manbazar Radha Madhab Institution, both situated in his hometown. After completing his 10th standard under the West Bengal Board Of Secondary Education(W.B.B.S.E.) in 2019 and his Higher-Secondary Examination under the West Bengal Council Of Higher Secondary Education(W.B.C.H.S.E.) in 2021, he embarked on a journey in higher education. Initially enrolling in a B.Sc. Mathematics program at Bikramjeet Goswami Memorial College, under Sidho Kanho Birsha University, Purulia, he later transitioned to pursue B.Sc. Computer Science at Manbhum Mahavidyalaya under the same university in 2023. This academic path reflects Pabitra's interest in both mathematical and computer science domains.


Pabitra Banerjee is the only son of his parents.

  • Father : (1975 - present) Mr. Pulak Banerjee.
  • Mother : (1983 - present) Mrs. Babita Banerjee.

Development Projects

Pabitra has shared a lots of development projects done by him on his GitHub Account. From there we can know that he has knowledge about Full-Stack Web Development, Android App Development, Game Development, AI and Machine Learning, Blockchain Technology, DSA and many more domains of Computer Science. Here are some of his development projects -

  • Dev-Portfolio : This is one of his best portfolio website. The website has been built using HTML, CSS, SAAS and JavaScript. The website has a very clean UI and the design and responsiveness shows his ability to develop top class Front-End. Take a look at Dev-Portfolio.
  • Mac-Terminal-Portfolio : Pabitra has created a terminal interface of MacBook using HTML, CSS & JavaScript. There he has created a simple portfolio website. Take a look at Mac-Terminal-Portfolio.
  • Book-Finder App : A simple website to find your next book to read and book recommendations. An internship project of iNeuron. This website is developed using the React library of JavaScript. Try Book-Finder App.
  • Clash-Of-Space : Clash of Space is a cloned version game of the original Radius Raid of js13kGames (A JavaScript coding competition for HTML5 Game Developers) which is a popular game for kids. A space craft shooting game built with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript. It's a desktop version game, so can be played only in desktop/laptop. Play Clash-Of-Space.
  • MB Health Bot : MB Health Bot is a conversational agent designed to mimic a psychotherapist in order to provide emotional support to people with anxiety & depression. At its core, MB Health Bot is a chatbot trained on a text dataset using Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing techniques. MB Health Bot can provide general advice regarding anxiety and depression, answer questions related to mental health and make daily conversations. Try MB Health Bot.

If you want to explore some more projects done by Pabitra, please go to his GitHub Project Website and Pabitra Banerjee.

Core Programming Projects

Pabitra is a Full-Stack Web Developer, but he has the ability to contribute on Core Programming. He has developed a lots of JavaScript & Python Libraries to help developers to save their time and enhance efficiency. Some of his libraries are -

  • JS-DSA : JS-DSA is a comprehensive collection of data structures and algorithms implemented in JavaScript. This project is designed to be a helpful resource for developers, students, and anyone interested in learning about data structures and algorithms through practical JavaScript examples. Install JS-DSA.
  • Google-Image-Fetcher : Pabitra has developed three different libraries for three different programming languages - Python, C++ and JavaScript to download required images directly from your terminal.
  • Advanced Math : Advanced Math (adv-math) is a comprehensive JavaScript library that simplifies advanced mathematical calculations, covering a wide range of mathematical topics such as basic arithmetic, complex numbers, linear algebra, statistics, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, financial calculations, units and conversions, equation solvers, and math expression parsing. This library is designed to provide developers with powerful mathematical tools for various applications. Install Advanced Math (adv-math).

Please go to Pabitra's NPM Profile and PyPi Profile to find more libraries.

Visual Studio Marketplace

Pabitra has developed a lots of VS Code extensions, which are currently available on Visual Studio Marketplace.

  • IDX-Dark-Theme : IDX Dark Theme is a stunning dark theme for Visual Studio Code that brings the elegance of Google's IDX design to your coding environment. With its vibrant colors and thoughtful design, coding becomes a delightful experience. Take a look at IDX-Dark-Theme.

To explore more go to Pabitra Banerjee Publisher Account on Visual Studio Marketplace.

PyConda Programming Language

Pabitra is working actively working on PyConda Programming Language. PyConda is a simple, Python-based programming language designed for ease of use and extensibility. With PyConda, you can write and execute code in a straightforward and intuitive manner. He has already released the 1.0.0 version of PyConda and want to publish version 1.0.1 at January, 2024. Explore PyConda.

Published Books

Pabitra is a writer who loves to write Bengali stories, poem, song and etc. But now he has started to write in English Language and published his 1st eBook.

  • Beyond Bits and Bytes: A History of Technological Marvels :: Embark on a captivating journey through the evolution of technology, from the dawn of primitive tools to the dazzling horizons of quantum computing and nanotechnology. In this thought-provoking eBook, Pabitra Banerjee, a Full Stack AI Engineer and Blockchain Developer, explores the remarkable history of innovation, invention, and progress that has shaped our world. Discover the visionary pioneers who blazed trails in computing, the birth of the internet that connected continents, and the transformative impact of artificial intelligence. This compelling narrative not only delves into the past but also contemplates the ethical and societal considerations that accompany the technological marvels of today and tomorrow. Join us in this exploration of the past, present, and future of technology, and be inspired by the relentless human spirit of innovation. View this book on Amazon.
  • From Novice To Ninja: Mastering DSA in C++ :: Embark on a transformative journey through the realm of Data Structures and Algorithms with "From Novice to Mastering DSA in C++," authored by Pabitra Banerjee, a seasoned full-stack AI engineer and CEO at MB WEBBER'S, a prominent software development company in Manbazar, West Bengal.


Pabitra has already been recognized by Google, thus he has a Knowledge Panel. He is also an open source contributor. GitHub spotlighted him for his outstanding contribution in the last HackToBerfest. Currently he is a verified author of Google Books & Amazon.

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