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Picture of Pabitra Banerjee
Born 8thOctober, 2000 (8thOctober, 2000) (age 23)
Kamarpukur, Hooghly
Nationality Indian
Education Panskura Banamali College
Occupation AI-ML Researcher
Organization Think Again Lab
Known for Programming & Music
Parents Mr. Uday Kumar De & Mrs. Sukla De

Arnab De is a highly skilled individual at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, currently serving as an AI-ML Researcher at Think Again Lab, a robotics company based in Kolkata. His expertise extends to Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing, making notable contributions in these domains.


Born on (8th October, 2000), Arnab De is a dynamic individual making significant strides in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Currently serving as an Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Researcher at Think Again Lab , a robotics company in Kolkata, Arnab has demonstrated commendable expertise in Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. His professional journey is marked by notable contributions, including handling projects sponsored by the Department of Science and Technology at the Central University. Arnab's technical prowess shines through diverse projects such as Face-Recognition-Using-GRL and BMI classification models, showcasing his ability to apply machine learning in practical scenarios. Beyond the tech realm, Arnab is a gifted Bengali singer and songwriter, with original compositions like Pichutan , Anindita and R Ekbar Firle Se resonating on platforms like Spotify and YouTube. His multifaceted talent reflects a commitment to excellence across both the realms of technology and creative expression.


Arnab De's educational journey is a testament to his commitment to continuous learning and a diverse range of academic experiences. He laid the foundation of his educational pursuits at Kamarpukur Ramakrishna Mission Multipurpose School, where he completed his 10th and 12th grades from Goghat High School (H.S.). This formative period not only provided a strong educational base but also likely instilled values of discipline and holistic development.

For his undergraduate studies, Arnab chose to delve into the realm of Physics, undertaking a Bachelor of Science degree at Panskura Banamali College, Bankura. This academic choice reflects his early interest in the fundamental principles that govern the physical world.

Building on his undergraduate education, Arnab further honed his skills in the rapidly evolving field of Data Science. He pursued and successfully completed a Master of Science degree in Data Science from Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal. This advanced degree equipped him with the analytical and computational tools necessary to navigate the complex landscape of data and information.

Arnab's educational trajectory showcases a thoughtful progression, from the foundational years in Kamarpukur Ramakrishna Mission Multipurpose School to the specialized domain of Data Science at the university level. This academic journey is indicative of his commitment to continuous learning and the pursuit of knowledge in diverse areas of study, laying the groundwork for his subsequent success in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


Arnab De hails from a supportive and closely-knit family that has played a crucial role in shaping his multifaceted personality. His parents, Uday Kumar De and Sukla De, contribute significantly to the familial unit.

  • Father : Mr. Uday Kumar De (1970 - Present)

    Uday Kumar De, holds a Master's Degree in Geography along with a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) qualification. His dedication to the field of education is evident through his role as an Assistant Teacher at Kamarpukur Ramakrishna Mission Multipurpose School. Uday Kumar De's commitment to shaping young minds reflects a broader commitment to the community, emphasizing the importance of education and its impact on society.

  • Mother : Mrs. Sukla De (1977 - Present)

    Sukla De, completes the family unit. Her role as a supportive figure likely contributes significantly to the positive and nurturing environment in which Arnab De has thrived. The family's blend of educational and professional accomplishments provides a supportive backdrop for Arnab's pursuits in the realms of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Music.

The familial context underscores the importance of a nurturing and encouraging environment in Arnab's journey, where the values instilled by his parents likely play a pivotal role in his personal and professional development.

AI-ML Projects

Arnab has shared a lots of AI-ML projects done by him on his GitHub Account. From there we can know that he has knowledge about Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Analysis. Here are some of his development projects -

  • Face-Recognition-Using-GRL : Face-Recognition-Using-GRL is a comprehensive repository that explores Graph Representation Learning techniques, including Node2Vec, DeepWalk, and GraRep, for effective face recognition. These methods leverage graph embeddings to capture meaningful features from face graphs, providing diverse approaches to representation learning. The project offers clear instructions for getting started, including cloning the repository, installing dependencies, and utilizing the chosen method.Take a look at Face-Recognition-Using-GRL
  • BMI-Classification : This project creates and evaluates a BMI classification model using machine learning techniques. Leveraging data exploration, visualization, and preprocessing, it employs algorithms such as Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, Random Forest, and Support Vector Machine. The comprehensive documentation guides through the entire process, allowing users to compare model performances and choose the best algorithm for predicting BMI categories based on the provided dataset. Take a look at BMI-Classification.
  • Weather-Forecasting-Classification : Developed a simplified weather classification model predicting precipitation based on historical data and key weather attributes. Utilizing a Random Forest Classifier, the model achieved reasonable accuracy (Precision: 0.83, Recall: 0.78, F1-Score: 0.81). The console-based user interface allows users to input weather parameters for predictions. While serving as an illustrative machine learning example, future enhancements may include advanced techniques, larger datasets, and collaboration with meteorological experts for improved accuracy. Try Weather-Forecasting-Classification.

Musical Journey

Beyond Arnab De's impressive achievements in the tech domain, he embarks on a captivating musical journey, showcasing his creative spirit and passion for artistic expression. As a Bengali Singer and Song Writer, Arnab has composed and shared original songs that resonate across platforms like Spotify and YouTube.

Notable tracks in his musical repertoire include Pichutan , Anindita , R Ekbar Firle Se and Songopone. Each composition reflects Arnab's unique perspective, spanning different styles and emotions. Pichutan exudes freestyle vibes, while the live energy of Anindita and the emotive composition of R Ekbar Firle Se showcase the depth and diversity of his musical talent. The acoustic rendition of Songopone further demonstrates his versatility and ability to connect with listeners on a profound level.

Arnab De's musical endeavors add a distinctive dimension to his profile, illustrating a harmonious blend of technical expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with the emotive and creative world of music. Through his compositions, Arnab not only contributes to the cultural landscape but also showcases a holistic approach to personal and artistic expression.


Arnab has already been recognized by Google, thus he has a Knowledge Panel. Currently he is a verified artist of Spotify.


In conclusion, Arnab De emerges as a dynamic individual whose journey seamlessly navigates the intricate realms of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the world of creative expression through Music. From his formative years at Kamarpukur Ramakrishna Mission Multipurpose School to achieving a Master's in Data Science, Arnab's commitment to continuous learning is evident. His professional trajectory as an AI-ML Researcher showcases a profound understanding of cutting-edge technologies, while his musical pursuits underline a unique ability to convey emotions and perspectives through his compositions. Anchored by a supportive family, Arnab embodies a harmonious synergy of intellectual curiosity, technical acumen, and artistic flair, making a distinctive mark across diverse domains.